Choosing the right theme

Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a birthday party having a theme can make an event even more memorable. You need to consider what theme would suit everyone. That doesn’t mean if you want to have a Star Wars themed party that everyone has to be a no1 fan. Think of a theme that is easy to for your guests to find outfits for and that will be good a good talking point. Don’t choose a theme that is too specific. This may deter people from coming if it is a dressing up type of event. One of the simplest themes you can have is colour! Just a touch of colour can really spruce up an event. It’s also easy to coordinate everything to suit the room. Have a theme that fits well with why people are there for example corporate events that are Hollywood or Gatsby themes look amazing! Check out the venue before you make up your mind workout where props can go especially if they are big and heavy. The right venue can really make your theme stand out especially if you use the right suppliers to decorate it. Pinterest is the most amazing app to have. This will help make up your mind and allow you to pin numerous ideas all in one place. Use it for everything. It will help you visualize your theme. A theme doesn’t have to be in your face. It can be subtle but still look good. Doing favors or goody bags are a nice touch that way you can match them to the theme and everyone has something to take home. Remember whatever you decide to do there will be budget decorations to suit it so shop around regardless of how cheap things are it can still look like a million-pound event.


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